Finland: The Deadliest Sniper In History, Simo Häyhä

Simo Häyhä was a Finnish farmer born in the 1900's, known around his village for his wickedly sharp aim with a hunting rifle. when Stalin and The Red Army invaded Finland. Rushed to the front, his kill-count quickly rose. His fellow Finns nicknamed him The Magic Sniper, but to the Russians he was Belaya Smert, The White Death.

South Korea: The Invincible Admiral, Yi Sun-sin

Yi Sun-sin was a Korean soldier in the 16th century. Throughout his career he had built up a reputation as an exemplary leader with a brilliant eye for military decisions. Despite this, he had received few promotions and had made fewer friends within the military due to his 'no nonsense' stance on nepotism and corruption. But when Japan invaded the defenceless Korean coast in their darkest hour; the government begrudgingly admitted there was only person for the job.

Wales: Owain Glyndŵr

The story of Owain Glyndŵr, The Last Prince Of Wales Owain Glyndŵr was a Welsh landowner in the 14th century. Driven into revolt by a tyrannical English king he would ignite a slumbering sense of nationalism his countrymen shared. Tired of being second-class citizens in their own country, thousands would flock to his banner determined... Continue Reading →

Bidjigal Tribe, The Story Of Pemulwuy

The Life Of Pemulwuy, Aboriginal Australian Hero Pemulwuy was a member of the Bidjigal people, one of the Aboriginal tribes who lived on the east coast of Australia. When the British arrived to colonise his people's ancestral land he fought back. Over 12 years, Pemulwuy led and unending war against the new colony and united... Continue Reading →

Philippines: Lapulapu’s Story

Lapulapu was a Chieftain of the Filipino island of Mactan in the 16th century. When the European explorer Magellan, arrived at his homeland and pushed Christianity on his people he resisted. Even after every other Chieftain had accepted the new faith he stood firm.

The European's were eager to make an example of this apostate, but things would not go the way they'd planned...

Greenland: Erik The Red’s story

Eric The Red was a Norwegian farmer in the 10th century. After finding himself incompatible with the rules of civilisation he sailed west looking for a new place to call home in the frigid wastes of Greenland Now, the ruins of a tiny stone church are the only reminder of his colony that had once tamed this harsh and unforgiving land... What happened to it?

The Story of Valette and The Great Siege of Malta

In the year 1565 an enormous Ottoman fleet departed Constantinople heading for the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta. With around 40,000 troops onboard, the army was tasked with the eradication of a handful of Christian knights, 'The Knights Hospitaller'. With only around 500 knights to defend the island, it seemed the siege would be over quickly. Right? Wrong.

Guatemala: The Last Stand Of The K’iChe

Tecun Uman was a Mayan Prince in the 15th Century.

As European colonisation pushed into Guatemala, he and his people refused to submit to Spanish rule and vowed to defend their lands until the very end.

But his men had never before seen guns, iron armour or even horses! How could they fight against such advanced weaponry?

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