Philippines: Lapulapu’s Story

Lapulapu was a Chieftain of the Filipino island of Mactan in the 16th century. When the European explorer Magellan, arrived at his homeland and pushed Christianity on his people he resisted. Even after every other Chieftain had accepted the new faith he stood firm.

The European's were eager to make an example of this apostate, but things would not go the way they'd planned...

Austria, The Story of Eugene Of Savoy

Eugene was a French aristocrat born in the 17th century. After being snubbed by the French King for his ugly face and frail body, he rose through the ranks of the Austrian military and bought the Arrogant French King and his army to its knees.

Australia, The Story of Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly was an Australian living in the 1850s. His family was poor, and were often targeted by police. Unhappy with his life he becomes a bushranger and takes the country by storm with his brazen robberies and burning hatred of the police force.

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