mad–96 via Apple Podcasts

I found this podcast through a recent obsession with King Alfred the Great – I have listened to many podcasts and read lots about him, but still learned so much from the two episodes Elliot made.

I’ve since listened to many other of his episodes and they’re all the perfect balance of factual information, story-telling, and humour. He really sets the scene well, which along with his jokes, makes the history interesting and relatable.

The whole things feels professional: the background music and sound effects, the narrators voice is clear and maintains a great pace, and he is eloquently spoken, and he includes such a wide variety of information, from contemporary quotes to modern day polls.

I also love the fact there’s an Instagram page where the listeners can go to see the paintings and artefacts which are referenced. Perhaps what I love most is the fact that this is no-nonsense history; in my experience, it is almost impossible to listen to a historical podcast without a political message being forced and the listener being made to consider it through the politically correct lenses of the modern day. It is refreshing to have a history told without a “woke” sub context.