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The Last Days Of Islamic Spain

Boabdil was heir to a dying kingdom.

In the 15th century, Granada was the last Muslim state in Spain. For 250 years it survived, living in the shadow of the Christian kingdoms.

But that all changed after the marriage united the two most powerful Christian kingdoms in the lands.

The Newlywed’s looked hungrily at Boabdil’s impoverished state…

‘Christian Saviour’ Of The Reconquista: El Cid

“…This man, the scourge of his time, by his appetite for glory, by the prudent steadfastness of his character, and by his heroic bravery: Was one of the miracles of God.”

Gothic Redemption: Pelayo Of Asturias

In 722AD a Muslim army marched into the frosty mountains of Northern Spain.

They were searching for the last holdout of Visigothic resistance, led by a shadowy figure named Pelayo. Since the fall of Their Kingdom 10 years earlier, Pelayo and his men had become a rallying point for other vagrants.

As the invaders marched into the village of Covadonga, they had one goal: to extinguish the last light of the old world.

In this tiny mountain hamlet, history was about to be made.

Q: What is this podcast about?

A: Anthology Of Heroes is a history podcast that tells the story of national heroes or villains from every country of the world, focusing on those whose actions shaped their country.

Q: Is this show appropriate for all ages?

A: Generally, yes. There are occasional cuss words from me, and usually if an episode discusses mature themes (usually descriptions of graphic violence) I will put a warning at the start of an episode.

Q: Do you want to collaborate?

A: Definitely, if you’re from one of the countries we’re covering I would love to interview you and discuss your country’s history.

Q: Where can I listen to it?

A: Free on AcastSpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, Stitcher and every other Podcast platform.

Q: How often do you release?

A: Fortnightly episodes with some bonus content (interviews, history movie reviews etc) on the off-week.

Q: Where can I get the latest updates?

A: Our Instagram page has regular postings about next episodes, as well as supporting pictures.