Gothic Redemption: Pelayo Of Asturias

The Story Of Pelayo And The Visigoths

In 722AD a Muslim army marched into the frosty mountains of Northern Spain.

They were searching for the last holdout of Visigothic resistance, led by a shadowy figure named Pelayo.

Since the fall of Their Kingdom 10 years earlier, Pelayo and his men had become a rallying point for other vagrants.

As the invaders marched into the village of Covadonga, they had one goal: to extinguish the last light of the old world.

In this tiny mountain hamlet, history was about to be made.

The Reconquista had begun!

This episode explores the murky background of The Gothic People.

Through the lives of Fritigern, Alaric, Ruderick and Pelayo we’ll uncover the lost story of a people generally dismissed as robbers, barbarians or thieves.

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