The Invincible Admiral, Yi Sun-sin

The Story of Korean National Hero Admiral Yi Sun Sin

Yi Sun-sin was a Korean soldier in the 16th century.

Throughout his career he had built up a reputation as an exemplary leader with a brilliant eye for military decisions.

Despite this, he had received few promotions and had made fewer friends within the military due to his ‘no nonsense‘ stance on nepotism and corruption.

But when Japan invaded the defenceless Korean coast in their darkest hour; the government begrudgingly admitted there was only person for the job.

Listen in to learn why 51 million Koreans still know the story of Admiral Yi Sun-Sin!

Part 1

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Part 2

While Admiral Yi Sun-sin languishes in a filthy prison cell, the once invincible Korean navy he had built lay in ruins at the bottom of the harbour.

Outmanoeuvred and outplayed by his rival, the War Hero had been stripped of all his command and convicted of treason.

But with the coast now defenceless and Japanese invaders streaming in from all sides, the broken nation looked once again to the disgraced Admiral for salvation.

12 ships against 300, was there any hope?

One of the greatest naval battles of all time is coming up, so listen in to the final story of Korean National Hero Admiral Yi Sun-sin!

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Supporting Pictures:

Additional Reading / Sources:

The Imjin War by Samuel Hawley

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

The Art Of War by Sun Tzu

Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project

Special Mentions:

A big thanks to the voice actors for this show!

Alexander Gates

Michael Morgan


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