The Apostate of Mactan: Lapulapu

The Life of Lapulapu, The Filipino National Hero

Lapulapu was a Chieftain of the Filipino island of Mactan in the 16th century.

When the European explorer Magellan, arrived at his homeland and pushed Christianity on his people he resisted. Even after every other Chieftain had accepted the new faith he stood firm.

The European’s were eager to make an example of this apostate, but things would not go the way they’d planned…

Lapulapu is the national hero of the Philippines and is celebrated yearly on ‘Lapulapu Day’.

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  • Who killed Lapulapu
    • Not Magellan. Its not recorded what happened to Lapulapu after the battle of Mactan. Its likely he died of natural causes.
  • Why lapu lapu is a hero
    • Lapulapu is the first recorded guardian of the Philippines. He is remembered today as a defender of Filipino liberty.

Additional Reading / Sources:

Lapulapu Day Festivities 2021

The most recent annual celebration of Lapulapu Day. The story of Lapulapu’s battle with Magellan is retold dramatically using dance, song and live action.

Used with permission from NHCP (available on request)

Sound effects:

The Ice Giants by Kevin MacLeod
Used with license for ‘Anthology Of Heroes Podcast’

Cambodian Odyssey by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

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