Valette And The Great Siege of Malta

Nothing is more well known than the siege of Malta” – Voltaire

Part 1:

In the year 1565 an enormous Ottoman fleet departed Constantinople heading for the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta. With around 40,000 troops onboard, the army was tasked with the eradication of a handful of Christian knights, ‘The Knights Hospitaller’.

With only around 500 men to defend the island, it seemed the siege would be over quickly.



Leading the Knights was the grizzled Grandmaster ‘La Valette’, who was determined to make the Ottomans bleed for every inch of land.

If this was to be his final trial from the lord, then so be it.

What followed was one of the most dramatic and knife edge sieges in history; with neither side willing to back down.

This three-part podcast takes you through ‘Great Siege Of Malta’ in vivid clarity and focus on the role of Grandmaster Valette.

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Part 2:

The enormous Ottoman fleet has just been sighted on the horizon of Malta, ‘The Greatest Siege Of All Time’ has begun!

As Dragut, ‘The Drawn Sword Of Islam’ wrestles command from his underlings, the isolated Fort St Elmo endures one of the largest artillery barrages in history.

But once the Ottoman Janissaries begin to scale the walls, Valette reveals his secret weapon…

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Part 3:

After a heroic final stand, Fort St Elmo has finally fallen.

With the Ottoman navy now streaming into the harbour, the Knights prepare for an assault on three fronts as both sides are pushed past their breaking point. Meanwhile, Valette receives the soul-crushing news that reinforcements from Spain will not arrive in time; and prepares to go down fighting.

The explosive conclusion to our three-part series detailing The Greatest Siege of All Time. The 1565 Siege of Malta.

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Supporting Pictures (Much more on our Instagram Page):

Further Reading and Sources:

The Ottoman Centuries – The Rise and Fall of the Turkish Empire by Lord Kinross (1977)

The Siege of Malta, 1565 by Francisco Balbi di Correggio and translated by Ernle Bradford (1567)


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