The Indian Renaissance Of Ram Mohan Roy

Man Of The People

Ram Mohan Roy was a Bengali man from the 19th century. After watching a widow burnt alive as part of a Hindu funeral ceremony (known as Sati or Suttee) he dedicated his life to improving women’s rights and restoring pride in Indian identity.

He faced steep opposition from both the Hindu and Christian elite, but remained unflinching in his cause.

Ram Mohan Roy is celebrated by Indians worldwide.

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Sources and Further Reading:

The English Works of Raja Rammohoun Roy by Jogendra Chunder Ghose 

Biography of Raja Ram Mohan Roy by Readers Delight, New Delhi 

The Precepts of Jesus: The Guide to Peace and Happiness by Ram Mohan Roy

Neo-Hindu Views of Christianity by Arvind Sharma 

Rammohan Roy and the Unitarians By Alan D Hodder

The life and letters of Raja Rammohun Roy – Sophia Dobson


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