The Black Witch Of Salem, Tituba

Tituba, The Black Witch Of Salem

Tituba was a slave in the highly religious town of Salem, Massachusetts.

After being wrongly convicted of witchcraft she ensured her survival by involving other townsfolk in her story of rituals, spells and The Devil.

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  • who does tituba accuse of being a witch
    • Sarah Goode and Sarah Osborne.
  • who is tituba what is her relationship to the family
    • Tituba was a slave of Reverend Parris. She was purchased in Barbados.
  • who is tituba in the crucible
    • Tituba was one of the first three women to be accused of Witchcraft in the village of Salem, Massachusetts. She was a slave belonging to the town Reverend, Samuel Parris.

Sources/Further Reading:

 Tituba’s Cross-examination Court Documents

Reverend Parris’ Sermon Notebook

Purloined Identity: The Racial Metamorphosis of Tituba of Salem


The Ice Giants by Kevin MacLeod

Voice in My Head by Quincas Moreira
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