Blackbeard, Scourge Of The Seas

A podcast about the life of Edward Teach AKA Blackbeard

Blackbeard was a pirate from the 18th century. He delighted in terrorising pirates and civilians alike as his iconic Jolly Roger flag spread fear across the high seas.

For a time, he sailed with his mentor Pirate Legend ‘Benjamin Hornigold’, but eventually he started his own crew.

Encouraging stories of his own depravity, Blackbeard earned a fierce reputation as an almost demonically cruel man who was prone to bouts of fury and insanity all topped with a superhuman ability to consume alcohol.

But how long could his crime spree continue unchecked? As the bounty on his head grew, a young British lieutenant named Robert Maynard thought he would take his chance…

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  • How did Blackbeard die?
    • Gunshot and sword wounds after a duel with Lieutenant Robert Maynard
  • Where did Blackbeard die?
    • Ocracoke Island, off the coast of North Carolina (USA).
  • What was his real name?
    • No one knows for sure. Likely Edward Teach or Edward Thatch.
  • What was Edward Teach’s flag?
    • Blackbeard/Edward Teach sailed under several flags. His most common one was a white devil spearing a red heart.

Further Reading and Sources:

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via Youtube Creator Studio Audio Library

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