The First Missionary: St Gregory, The Illuminator

The Life of St Gregory, The Patron Saint of Armenia

St Gregory was one of the first Christian missionaries . He bought his faith to Armenia, and received a hostile reception from King Tiradates III who tortured him mercilessly attempting to making him recant his faith.

When he refused, he was sentenced to live in a hole in the ground, high in the Armenian mountains for 14 years.

He is remembered for creating the first ever ‘blueprint’ for Church hierarchy and is the Patron Saint of Armenia.

His story is one of suffering, penance and triumph.

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Further Reading

  • Patriotism And Piety In Armenian Christianity: The Early Panegyrics On Saint Gregory by Abraham Terian
  • The Life and Times of S. Gregory the Illuminator, the Founder and Patron Saint of the Armenian Church 
  • The Cross before Constantine: The Early Life of a Christian Symbol by Bruce W. Longenecker


The Ice Giants by Kevin MacLeod

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