Slave To King: Zumbi Dos Palmares

Who was Zumbi Dos Palmares

Zumbi was a descendant of Angolan royalty who was enslaved and sent to Brazil.

He led a guerrilla war against the Portuguese, and built a city deep within the Amazon rainforest for runaway slaves.

Under his brilliant leadership, he turned a timid group of slaves into a genuine threat against the Portuguese authority even reducing the King of Portugal himself to begging for a peace offering.

He is celebrated widely in Brazil today as a national hero, with a public holiday held on the day of his death.

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Further Reading:

Zumbi and the Republic of Os Palmares

The Imbangala and the Chronology of Early Central African History

Quilimbo Dos Palamares: Brazils’ Lost Nation of Fugitive Slaves by Glenn Allan Cheney (2014)


The Ice Giants by Kevin MacLeod

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